The Loft

This is late. I know. Get over it. Anyways, I found this movie very predictable not mention kind of boring. Disney movies are predictable but they’re not boring. Bad comparison. Doesn’t matter. I wouldn’t spend 12 bucks on this movie, mainly because there is a dead girl lying on a bed half the movie as the five loft members try to remember what happened and who could have possibly killed her.

Spoiler – the movie came out in the UK in October. Yep, we weren’t privileged enough to get it till now. Which probably means it sucked. Otherwise, we’d have gotten it first. Despite all that, The Loft is a story of how five men attempt to get away with their affairs, are unable to, someone dies because of it, and they must all face consequences of their actions. Of course, famous pretty boy, James Marsden lives through the end to find happiness.



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