Project Alamanac

While, Peggyatthemovies has a much better and fuller review on this than I do, I’m mainly here to tell you yes or no. And I whole hardheartedly say no. I couldn’t watch it all the way through primarily based on that stupid shaky cam. I don’t understand. Who likes that crap?? Okay, so you’ve got some smart kids. They rebuild his father’s time machine. That’s great. Where the heck are the parents in all of this? No one seems to care that there’s an out of hand party across the street either…

I didn’t stay for all of the destruction later on. I thought I might be diagnosed with chronic migraines (is that a thing?) if I had to watch building and plans falling from a shaky cam. Over all, it was a great idea. I do. But the execution was terrible. It’s so hard to see so much potential be wasted like that…

Sounds like my mother. Ugh.

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