Strange Magic

I wasn’t going to watch this movie. And my decision became final because of two things. I saw the end credit scene – for all those people who actually care about the scenes after the credits, there is one. Strange Magic is not cool enough to have one though. After this movie, no one wants to stay to watch who the hell played what. Anyways, the second reason was advice from a parent.

Most of you probably haven’t watched the trailer. Watch it. Realize how dumb it is. Then realize that it’s some fight between good and evil with dancing and singing, right? Wrong. It’s a love story and I’m really afraid to know who falls in love with who. Afterall, Strange Magic was created from a Shakespeare play. I’ll let you all figure out which one, seeing as I don’t really care.

This movie may be enjoyable for your kids but believe me when I say you’ll suffer through every minute of it.

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