Boy Next Door

I’ll admit. I don’t  know a lot about J. Lo. I know even less about her record with acting, singing, modeling (or anything else). But this movie kinda made her look like a ho. If that’s what she was shooting for, she nailed it. If not…

I walked out of this one after the 5 minute porn scene showed up. Wasn’t porn exactly, everything was nicely covered via body parts but the clarity, sounds, and slow motion didn’t help. If your mother had walked in, she would have thought so. Anyways, I wasn’t ready to face another scene like that, whether or not something showed up again. Talking to a few friends who did manage to see the entire thing said that it was entertaining.

I still don’t believe them. It’s a new age psycho thriller (kind of reminds me of Fear – Mark Wahlberg). Enjoyable to some, not all.

More information in the next one.

Password: Cthips

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