Wedding Ringer

Wow. Okay, I love Kevin Hart but he seems to be going into a James Franco/Seth Rogen type of humor. Of course, Kevin Hart will always be set apart with his understanding of black culture and other aspects of American life (he was a comedian before an actor). But I’m not a fan of certain humor, especially pulling out certain body parts for whatever the reason. Wolf of Wall Street set the rated R bar really high. The ratings are flimsy at best and mean nearly nothing when most movies show on TV with just TV-MA at the top corner.

Overall, the movie was fun – an inspiration for friendless people. There’s always one around the corner who’s just as lonely as you. Some times, they’re just hidden. The ending was a little abrupt – almost as if producers didn’t know how to end a story and just threw in some action.

After you watch the end though, you’ll hope that there won’t be a sequel…


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