Really?? Really? This is a terrible adaptation of my childhood. In some ways, it was cute. Paddington was fun. But the introduction  into English life was unbelievable. Almost as bad as Dracula: Untold (willingly becomes a vampire without a second’s thought and drinks blood from a human skull). How do you not think twice about a talking bear? All you think is that he’s selling something? What time period is this??? The movie is cliche of course. A woman is trying to find the bear and add to her collection (she’s a taxidermist). The family will protect him and he’ll stay (or something like that. I didn’t stay for the end. I had better things to do).

My sister did ask an invaluable question though. If, Paddington is a rare bear, why would she (the taxidermist) want to kill and stuff him? Wouldn’t she want to test him?

Anyways, cute kids movie. Not so cute if you grew up with the story. Hollywood, stay away from Curious George. I’m begging you.

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