I knew it was going to be stupid. I even knew that the action scenes would be nothing compared to Thor. But I didn’t really think that it was going to be that bad… actually I had my suspicions. First off, I’ve never met a computer geek that was blinding hot (not that I think he’s amazing – just public opinion). Second, if the geek/hacker (whatever it’s called, fight over it somewhere else) had some good looks, they were maybe half the size, with half the mass. Muscles? Understandable? Like Chris Hemsworth? Not believable. And the action scenes didn’t help. Within 5 mins (approximate time, not accurate) of leaving jail, he was hacking, tracking, fighting, and having sex with one of the top notch guys carting him around who just happened to be his old roommate in college (convenient?).

Overall, it was a valiant try to make hacking seem like a wonderful task (dangerous and illegal as well) but the movie didn’t play out well. The story line was lame and the characters were 2D. But… if you need some extra fluff in your life, a no-good nonsense “i don’t have to think too hard but i don’t want to be bored” type of movie, this one might be for you.

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