American Sniper

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Bradley Cooper so thick!!! Anyways… I won’t say much on this one because there isn’t much to be said. It was well done (no need to see it in IMAX). It was entertaining and gave a great piece of history that most people never would have thought twice about. It was interesting and revealed a slice of how army/marine life plays out. Personally, the struggle between war over seas and life back home has never phased me. So, in that sense. Great movie. Go see it. Hollywood, you’ve done well.


This is the one time that Hollywood made the movie better than the story. From multiple reports and personal testimonies, I’ve come to believe (as is my personal opinion and right) that the most lethal American sniper was a bit of an… a**hole. He bragged about his kills more than anything else even years after his time in the army.

The movie depicts a man who can’t “come back home” mentally. Eventually though, he becomes a warm family man, who still helps veterans occasionally. The real story, apparently, isn’t so sweet…

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