Ah… this fated review. I don’t even want to do this one. I might get chewed out. Anyways, I liked the movieLiked. But, of course I have problems with it. The guy who played the Alabama governor had the worst accent. I’ve never heard someone speak like that in the south. He sounds like the guy I work with who fakes a British accent. Ha. Dr. King’s actor had it down. Except for the voice. There was a few seconds that he sounded like the famous King but otherwise, no resemblance in voice. There were a few other inaccuracies (that I thought were pretty crucial but the History major sitting next to me didn’t think so…)

Overall, strong movie, good portrayal. The real problem? It’s the fact that this movie might not reach intended audiences (I don’t know who they are but I would suspect the older generation). The younger generations don’t know much about America‘s dark past, not as much as the group before them. I don’t know how much Black History is taught in schools anymore but I know it’s  not as heavy as it used to be. This movie isn’t an easy one to come by and there are points where you’re shocked at the cruelty towards people. It’s not something you choose on a whim to watch or a fulfillment for a project. You need to be ready (not because it’s history) but because of the type of history it deals with. It’s not just another textbook movie. It’s not as harsh as some of the other stuff at there but it’s also not an easy subject.

Don’t drag your young kids for a history lesson without researching Selma first. Believe me, you’ll be glad you did. And if you do happen to go to this movie, be ready for the questions and the conversation that you’re going to have afterwards.

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