Horrible Month for Movies

The trend begins. We started with werewolves, vampires, and other strange creatures. Then we moved onto the apocalyptic crap. Then came the post-apocalyptic. We’re still kind of in this phase (Hunger Games hurry up and finish already!!!Oh wait… now we have Maze Runner – Lord of the Flies mashed with Hunger Games). Now we’re in the new age. The inventions, the new world, a new year of remakes – and robots. We have offiicially moved onto the stage where robots become self-aware – not a new idea but all the more realistic. It’s a little creepy how far science and technology have advanced. There’s a chance yet that Sky Net or something similar could exist… forget the zombies, I’m more afraid of self-aware machines.

So here’s a few movies that we’ll be subjected to this month…

Woman in Black 2

Project Almanac (I’ll hand it to them for a fantastic idea though…)

Taken 3

Predestination (Didn’t we already have a movie like this? Christian Bale or Tom Cruise was in it… Minority Report?)

And the best for last – Strange Magic


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