The Gambler

Based on a true story or not, I can’t remember. I don’t think it is… Mark Wahlberg, thank God you’re back from your Transformers rant. That was terrible. Sadly, this wasn’t much better. Mark, a washed up assistant professor is in a whole lot of debt (not sure for what, I missed that), double crosses some people, crosses some others, and eventually gambles enough money to pay them back on a lucky draw. In the midst of all this, Mark falls inappropiately in love with a student (but he doesn’t really see himself as a teacher) but the relationship never fleshes out. It’s left hanging at the end. I still love the guy but the work that he’s either opting for or that people are handing him is crap. Wouldn’t waste your money unless it’s matinee pricing and you’re dying to see it.

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