Imitation Game

Don’t have a lot of time. Well, I do but I’d rather be watching Korean dramas right now… or Anime so off to the reviews. This movie was pretty good. Benedict is a very strange looking and overall strange actor but as Sherlock, he seems fine. As everything else, he always seems like the under dog as well as the bullied kid. Based on a true story and it did depict a whole lot of wonderful information on a topic that has not been delved into for a while. It also seems that this is the year (and part of December 2014) to start unearthing projects of WW2 and other secret missions. I enjoyed this one (and of course it has its faults but not going to state them) so go watch it.

Beware – this is a very strange movie/not such a strange topic. It might not be your cup of tea. Haha see what I did there??? British movie – tea? Oh, not funny. Got it.

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