Hobbit 3

You know how mom sometimes forgets to make dinner? you know those conversations…

“Hey mom what’s for dinner?” The lost look on her face as she realizes the time. “Dinner?” My mom always retorts with the “You’re old enough to feed yourself.” which is true but I’m lazy and spoiled and like it when I don’t have to work (as do we all). Still, occassionally she takes charge of dinner and then forgets…

Well Hobbit 3 felt like that, like Hollywood kept telling us what was to come and then “hey guys, maybe we should actually start making something.” Don’t grade me based on the books. I can’t tell you the accuracy. I don’t remember. But I can tell you that it felt a little cheap/rushed compared to its older siblings 1 and 2.

Sure, you got the dragon and the dwarves and of course Bilbo Baggins and a whole lot of war. But there seemed too many individual story arcs centering around one character.  So much angst and drama mashed with slow motion action – almost like real live anime without the facial expressions. Let me take five minutes to deliver this attack and then we’ll stare at each other a moment before we start again.

I’m not saying I wanted it flushed out more. The series is already way too long but the depth of the characters and the way they acted…

Hollywood, you’re given so much to work with and yet you put out so little. It’s a shame you guys get paid as well as you do. That quickie dinner leaves a bad taste in my mouth not to mention that I couldn’t fathom why anyone would pay for the 3d. I didn’t see much action for 3d pricing.

Hopefully one of the next series you touch won’t turn out the same way…

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