Exodus – Condensed Version – A Joke

This movie sucked!!!!!!!!!!!! So inaccurate. Sure, I’m a Christian so I hate this portrayal more than the next person. But anyone who’s anyone knows a few things about Moses. The plagues, parting of the red sea, and the ten commandments. Hollywood didn’t fail to mess up all of them. The plagues could hardly be told from each other. They just happened and there was no separation between each one, no warning, and no inbetween where Moses asked for freedom. There was no parting of the red sea. It just kind of washed off to one side. Lame. There were no ten commandments written by the finger of God. It was etched by Moses apparently with that stupid 11-year-old boy messenger. Who’s stupid idea was that? So many awesome things you could have done with this movie and Hollywood chose the crappy road.

I have to give credit to Prince of Egypt by DreamWorks. At least most of their movie was accurate, embellished a little but mostly accurate. To top that, there was singing!!! Don’t waste your time on this hideous movie. Don’t watch it when it comes out on DVD. You’re better off watching The Ten Commandments (both versions) and Prince of Egypt and if you want further awesomeness, read Exodus in the Bible. But don’t watch this movie. It should have never made it to screen. Hollywood, Joke’s on you. Let me go gauge my eyes…

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