Reviews of this week: Dumb and Dumber, Beyond Lights, and the others…

Dumb and Dumber

I don’t even like dumb humor but I though I’d try it. Forgive me but I never saw the first one either. I like Jim Carrey (can’t even remember the other guy’s name – don’t care?) but some of his movies aren’t exactly my type. So in this case, I wasn’t a big fan of this one. I sat in there for about 30 minutes before walking back out. It’s not that I was disappointed. After all, I wasn’t expecting much but it turned out to be a little over done and gross… Don’t waste your money.

Beyond Lights

Typical tragic story of an artist and her true background life including the guy who saves her. Everyone’s dream cliche of being saved by the perfect man, one who has everything going for him but will drop it at a moment’s notice to save you… And that’s when I realized it was a black (with britain accented actors?) cast. What the- Nothing against black casts but interesting nonetheless. Acting was on the flat side of things. Movie was predictable. But it was a cute chick flick if you’re into those things. Enjoy

And the others:

I don’t actually care about either one. While rotten tomatoes might have reviews on both Rosewater and Matthew 18, I only trust comments from people who I can physically talk to about their opinion and aren’t getting paid for it. I’ve yet to meet someone who was raving about it so I think I’ll hold off on those…

Kil Dil:

Waiting on this one was well…

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