Yes or No

Been gone a while, I know. Been busy with graduate school and work. I haven’t even had time to watch TV so don’t worry, I haven’t been neglecting you. I’m not getting rid of you either. That’s not what this has come to.

For the time being, I am going to give you Yes, No, Maybe, or Eh based on movies. Each movie will have a two or three word description in parenthesis. More details will follow later, of course. Ready? Go.


Book of Life (T. Burton for Kids), Happy New Year (Dancing!), Fury (Realistic, Heartbreaking)


Ouija/Annabelle (Dumb, Not Scary), Dear White People (Racist, Attacks Cultures), St. Vincent (Not the Best), Addicted (Sexy Porn), Best of Me (Worst Romance Ever), Men, Women, and Children (Sex), John Wick (Predictable and Slow)


Kill Messenger (No Details), Dracula (Monster-like not Vampire), Gone Girl (Secret Revealed Halfway), Alexander (Kids Movie)


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