Maze Runner

Wow, okay, so right off the back, I didn’t read the book. No, I’m not going to either. Basically, this movie was cute (despite some tweens getting refunds because it was too scary) and a little adventurous. A lot of new (and old) cute faces that we all recognize from past TV shows/movies. Acting was subpar but there’s only so much you can do with a movie like this. We did the vampires/werewolves for a while and then moved on to the apocalyptic stuff. Once we realized that 2012 was a hoax, we moved on to post apocalyptic (does that even make sense – a laugh in the face of nature?). And here we are.

Hunger Games + Lord of the Flies + (The Pretender/2) [Video Below] = Maze Runner

Basically, it isn’t original even if based on a book…

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