No Good Deed

Uh, so… yeah. Why is this movie so popular? My grandmother told me that this actress was a local girl. I get it. All the old people want to see how she grew up. But the movie? I don’t know. It was just kind of lame… On top of that, the acting was subpar, he’s not really as hot as everyone says he is (personal opinion), and there was a lot less horror. How does one go about putting together a movie thats 84 minutes? Compared to the 3 hour movies, what is this? It really is a flick.

Anyways, need more juicy details? Check out the next post.

This is for those who’ve already watched the movie or don’t care to see it. Or maybe you just want to know what happens before you see it:

Title: Didn’t Your Momma Ever Tell You… Password: MusTTard

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