Up and Coming!!

Late, I know but here’s the list for the weekend:

The Drop (I don’t even think I’ve seen a trailer for this one in the movies)

No Good Deed (Seems like it might be enjoyable or might turn into a horror movie rip off)

Dolphin 2 (Haven’t seen the first one)

The Identical (Came out last week, watching this week)

1 Comment

  1. “The Drop” is worth a look…http://peggyatthemovies.com/2014/09/11/review-of-the-drop-fox-searchlight/ Saw Hector & the Search for Happiness tonight..not recommending..but it wasn’t horrible.. Am seeing a screening of No Good Deed on Monday..but I agree with you..it’s either going to be great..and as an Idris fan..I hope so…or really bad. They cut off all early screenings after the Ray Rice scandal came about as I guess there is an elevator scene..so let’s see what it does.. 🙂 but go see the Drop..great performances..

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