Rated R

I’m pretty sure that I put up a post a while back about rated R movies and who we let inside. It’s simple. If you’re 17, have fun. If you’re under 17, bring someone over 21 and then have fun. That doesn’t mean that someone can buy your tickets for you and not go to the same movie. Moms/Dads, this is for you. We’re not stupid. I want to reiterate this point. Although we work at a movie theater for nearly nothing, that doesn’t mean we don’t have education, degrees, awards, accomplishments, etc. All it means is that we work at a movie theater. You don’t know us and we don’t know you. A lot of the times, we’re all okay with that.

The problem comes when you (Mom/Dad) try to bypass the system. You are no more special than the last group of people who tried the same thing. I’m not risking my job so that you can see a movie. It’s really simple. Either, you go and see the movie with your child (who shouldn’t be seeing it anyway) or wait till he’s 17 and can go on his own.

I’ve actually had parents who tried to argue with me. The Problem? This isn’t just a theater thing, or even a corporate thing, this is a law thing. If we fail at this, there will fines, bad reviews, and maybe even imprisonment.

2nd, Mom/Dad, if you classify your daughter or son as a child, that should be an indication that a rated R movie is above their heads. You shouldn’t get to pay the kids ticket and still watch something like that. I remember 13-14 year old kids going to Wolf of Wall Street, Don John, and Haunted House 2 with their parents. That’s not a conversation I would want to have with my child. Ever. Sure THE TALK is one thing. These movies have ideas, scenes, and questions WAY BEYOND the talk, to the point that it becomes really, really awkward. But hey, it might just be me…

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