Up and Coming!!!

Did I miss any?

If I Stay (she’s becoming a pretty good actor, I think)

When the Game Stands Tall (Inspirational)

Sin City (Joseph Gordon-Levitt is back!!!!)

Lemurs (Like Bears, Ocean, etc)

1 Comment

  1. just any fyi on When the Game Stands Tall.. not even a little inspirational.. http://peggyatthemovies.com/2014/08/21/review-when-the-game-stands-tall-2014-sonyaffrim/
    And Sin City 2 – while I also love JGL – http://peggyatthemovies.com/2014/08/22/review-sin-city-2-a-dame-to-kill-for-premiere-2014/

    Sadly..just not enough to like the movie… am going to screening of “If I Stay” tomorrow.. it’s doesn’t look bad.. am a big fan of hers and of Mirelle Enos & Stacy Keach so hoping for the best!! 😀

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