Gourmet Breakfast

We’re not a buffet. We’re not a restaurant. We don’t even serve excellent theater food. It’s filled with fat, carbs, and diabetes. On that note, people only come to the theater to eat junk food. Don’t ask me how many carbs are in the food. Don’t ask me about gluten, sodium, or peanuts (unless you have an allergy). Honestly, I don’t really know. If you’re on a diet, don’t eat it. Simple. And parents? You wonder why your kids are fat, greedy, and ungrateful. When you ask the dreaded question, “What do you want?” and there are no limits, there tends to be a problem. Your kids don’t need, chicken, popcorn, drinks, and candy at 9 in the morning. Go to McDonalds, spend 20 bucks and do the same damage. You complain about our prices but you’re willing to pay for it anyways.

I’m just saying that maybe we (the theater) isn’t the problem…

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