Fake Money

I know I’ve spoken about this before but it has to be reiterated. Basically, if it looks fake or it’s over 20, we check it. It’s simple. I don’t want to lose my job because you couldn’t bother to bring in money that was real (or didn’t know, which usually isn’t the case.) That being said, when I find it, my job is to report it to a manager. We then are supposed to confiscate it and write a report or on the easier side of things, just not take it. Easy enough.

This is where you (the customer) come in. If you know it’s fake, stay silent or take it back. If you adamantly try and tell me that it’s real, I will check it. Story goes…

An older gentleman approached the counter and paid with a 10. I’d never seen it before. Like really never seen it before. I flipped it a few times and thought it would be a great idea to check it before I deposited it into my register. I’m the only one behind the counter and there is a line starting to form. I have a choice to make. Either I take it and it turns out to be a fake or I can take the extra minute. I call a manager because I can’t find the authentication device. Everyone is getting a little edgy but I know that by doing my job everyone is better off by it.

The guy keeps telling me its one of the old ones and that it doesn’t have a security strip. Well that’s just suspicious. Retard, don’t tell me that. So we do the pen test. If it turns brown, it’s fake. If its yellow or clear, it’s fine. Cool. It turns dark brown. I mean, like mud. Weird…

So my manager tests one of the bills in my drawer. Clear. So we test the bill again. Dark, mud brown. “We can’t take that.” The guy gets agitated, throws down a credit card, and stalks away after the transaction. Funny part, everyone is apologizing for him. How sweet.

Maybe I should have mentioned that the guy had a wallet full of these $10’s…

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