Dunkin Donuts

An older, short gentleman stalked in the other day. BTW, I am not an employee, just a customer. He’s obviously angry and holding three bags of coffee, unopened. I thought he picked them off the shelf and was impatiently waiting for someone to check him out. Apparently one of the employees thought so as well when she started ringing him up. He rudely stopped her, “No, I’m returning these.”

She froze for a moment, then, “Ok.”

“I’d like to speak to your manager.” It was that stiff feeling you get when everything is about to go wrong. Everyone in the establishment froze. We weren’t really sure what to do. The young lady employee (I should know her name, I go there all the time…) disappeared for a moment.

“He’s coming.” The manager appeared from the side.

“How can I help you?”

The old man pointed to the bags and then stopped, “You’re not the manager. Where’s the manager?”

A moment of silence, “Oh, ___________ (no names for sake of privacy and location)? He usually leaves earlier in the morning. Is there something I can help you with?”

“Yeah, you can tell him to stop giving coffee to my wife.” No one was really sure what to do the information. Laugh? Go on about our business?

“Uh, yes. I-”

The manager couldn’t even get any words out before the old guy started speaking again, “Just tell him to stop giving coffee to my wife and mind his own business. I’m going to come back in here tomorrow early and talk to him myself.” Then he left.

And what did we do? We burst out laughing (including the manager)… I didn’t know old people still played that game. But then again, I guess it’s a game for all ages…

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