Guardians of the Galaxy

Saw this twice (my sister just came back and wanted to see it. I obliged). I have to say that they did an excellent job with this movie. While it wasn’t EPIC like Spiderman, it was well put together which is something that can’t be said for Spiderman in its entirety. Guardians of the Galaxy displayed some of the comical strengths of the actors that were thrown together. Honestly, I thought the trailer held all of the laughs and the rest of the movie was going to be horrible. Instead, there was a whole lot more. Sure, it was corny, predictable, and sometimes downright stupid. I don’t advise watching this movie more than once. It loses its touch. But it was full of funny scenes, not too much, not too little. As far as Marvel movies go, this one was one of or the best one that has been put out this year.

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