Wait Your Turn Please!

To the wonderful customer that we had the other day, this short paragraph is for you:

Before you try to butt in line ( or complain that you were first), remember that you have just spent $12 on a ticket and are about to spend another $15 on cheap theater food to watch a movie that is probably gonna suck. Are you really trying to force that?

Second, if you were indeed in line first and there was a mix up as to whom was supposed to appear at my counter, LET IT GO. As long as the person doesn’t have a hideous order/request, let them go before you. It’ll make their day and you’ll miss all of five more seconds of the previews. (It’s your own d**n fault that you didn’t get here earlier.)

Thirdly, and lastly, if the person who happened to swipe in front of you ruins your day, screaming and yelling about it won’t make it better. Sure, we’ll refund your ticket, even maybe give you a voucher for the food that you hadn’t paid for yet. But in the end? You’ve made all our days worse. We all feel terrible for being yelled at (it’s not our fault/we tried to resolve the problem). And you?

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