Wait Your Turn Please! 2

So here’s the actual story…

I’m minding my own REGISTER with the help of a few supervisors who are running around like crazy chickens to retrieve food for the customers. Basically? It’s busy. I’m already not having the greatest of days though you wouldn’t know by my amazing smile. I look up as an older gentleman approaches my counter.

I proceed to ask him what he would like – a medium popcorn – and he already has the money out when a crazy black woman appears stating that she was first in line. Obviously it wasn’t that important. On top of that, she nearly squished the guy against one of the coolers next to the counter. Him and I are equally confused as she seemed to appear from thin air. I told her that I would be with her momentarily.

She insisted that she was first and would be helped first due to the fact that she was in line first (granted her movie wasn’t even started yet). Confused, I turn to my supervisor, S. She takes the man to her REGISTER as I begin to help the woman. She’s still furious as she tells me her order.

Moments later, her order ready, she starts to complain again. Good Lord, this woman was wired on something. She began going off on S, asking if she was going to help the man before her. Of course that was a ridiculous idea. I was helping her at that moment. But she insisted on being first even though the man was being helped in a different line. It involved both the manager and the gm refunding her tickets and vouchers for food.

I don’t even know how you get that upset about being in line first or second. If you had just waited another minute, you would have had your food, along with no problems. But now you’re frustrated enough to not even see the movie that you convinced yourself to pay 12 dollars for.

What a waste of gas…

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