Sure You Wanna Dress Like That?

Yes, we’re hiring. Yes, we desperately need people. Yes, we’re really, really short staffed. Let’s set up interviews and job fairs, etc. Alright, so you got the call back. Congratulations! Your interview is at 4. First of all, be on time. You are? That’s great. That’s when I (and all the other employees) see you for the first time. People say that first impressions count. Usually, I believe that but I’ll give people a second or third chance to make it up. In an interview? You only have one chance and the first thing that catches me is how you dress. Before you even say a word, I see the way you walk in, sit down, and wait for the higher ups to call you in.

And let me tell you, if you’re in jeans, wearing a hat, or dressed as casually as you would for a walk through the mall, you’re not getting the job. Morpheus will take one look at you, shake his head, and bring you into the office. He might give you 15 minutes to prove yourself and then send you on your way.

But you won’t be getting another call. Take the extra few minutes and put on a nice pair of clothes. It’s the difference in being able to pay for the xbox or playstation and being broke.

Just saying…

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