Racist, Much?

Everyone stereotypes. You don’t think you do? Ha, sure whatever. You’re wrong. Even minorities can stereotype. Yes, it’s true. They probably stereotype more than non minorities. Just listen to someone’s conversation next time. You’ll probably find three or four different references. Anyways… we’ve got Lewis (Meet the Robinsons) here. He’s “cultured”. His parents have lived in different parts of the world and have imparted their wisdom onto him. Problem? Eh… yes. This man doesn’t flaunt his wisdom but it does like to creep up on others. For example…

On the eve of Best Man Holiday’s release there were lots of black people. We all know what they’re going to see and even more so that it wasn’t a random decision they made in the last five minutes. Still, you ask them which movie they are seeing.

Lewis? He’s not so smart. A few Indian customers are exiting the theater. As we are supposed to wish them a good night, Lewis decides to impart some of his “wisdom”. He blatantly asks, “Did you just see Rajkumar?” I can only imagine the shock on their faces. Unless you see people exiting a certain theater, always ask which movie.

They must have laughed at him or just looked on in horror. One spoke up, “No. Hunger Games.”

I know a lot of Indian people do see the Hindi movies… but please, don’t assume. Ever. Most of times its shocking that people will ask such a question. Other times, its a little hurtful.

Written with the help of Rajkumar (ironically).

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