Obama and 1 Million Dollars

We’ve had our share of strange people in this theater, even more so around night time when customers show up disoriented, high, drunk, or a mixture of two/three different states. The results? Excitement. This was one such incident. An older gentleman approached the lobby inside the theater. He had purchased two tickets but since his movie didn’t start for a little while, he was aimlessly wandering. That’s when I met him. Apparently, according to him, he had met President Obama and they were going to split 1 million dollars. This old man (I never did catch his name) told me that he had found a large sum of money. Great! He even asked a few of us if we wanted to partake in his wealth.

Of course, I agreed. I could tell that he was kind of out of it. I mean, come on, he was talking about meeting President Obama. At the white house. Yeah right.

We continued listening to his story until he told us that he had to go for his movie. Fair enough. I was curious, thinking that maybe Obama might actually walk in. Fat chance. Not even 15 minutes later, the man exited the theater, saying that Obama hadn’t arrived. Security had to escort him out. It was only then that I realized he was drunk.

Didn’t think much on it. I even rushed home to tell my mother the hilarious story. She looked at me. “You know, two banks were robbed in ___________ (a place close to the theater, hidden for anonymity purposes) today.” Weird coincidence.

I checked up on the information and sure enough two banks had been robbed that morning. Not to mention, it had been an undisclosed amount of money and the robber was still at large.


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