Money Problems

First of all, find a  wallet. I can’t tell you how many people I see who take their crumpled out dollars and attempt to hand them to me. Really? A wallet will cost you every bit of 5 dollars at Target/Walmart/Kmart, wherever you shop. All you teenage girls who think its cute to fold your money and stick it in your wallet? That becomes a hassle for us when we have straighten it out. And then it takes you the extra minute to figure out how much money you have.

Second, why the hell is everyone carrying around 100 and 50 dollars bills? I know that most people do not get paid in cash and those that do, don’t get paid in large bills (usually). For those getting money from the bank, did you really have to ask for a few 100 dollar bills? Sure, your wallet looks smaller but in the end, is that really conducive to your time?

How many times has someone told you that they can’t take your bill because they don’t have change? Stop making it harder on everyone. For those that actually do get paid in large bills, I’m sorry.That sucks.

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