Wow. Another one of these types of movies? I know hoping for something original is a lost dream but wondering if producers will stop stealing bits and pieces from others is not too much to ask. Make something similar not the same. Lucy was a mix of Transcendence, any AI type of movie, and Black Widow. I’ll give her bonus points for acting in a crappy movie but that’s about it. Besides the fact that it seemed more like a fun science lesson than an action movie about the power of the brain, half the movie was in Korean. Yes, Korean. I bet most you thought it was in Chinese because they were located in China. And still more of you probably had no idea where they were other than Asia. And everybody was Asian. I’ll agree that there weren’t enough subtitles though. I understood what was going on (thanks to Korean Dramas and Kpop!!!) but my friends were kind of loss.

It was a gory hapless mess of a movie, unnecessarily trying to take a bigger bite than it could chew. Overall it was whatever. Spend your money on it? Not really. Wondering why it’s rated R? It’s because for some odd reason they thought it’d be cool to dig under people’s skin multiple times and actually show it in graphic detail. Other than that? Nothing cool.

So much you could have done with this movie. So many cool things about the brain and what we hope it could do… and you put out this.

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