Kid Abandonment

Some woman walks up with her child to the ticket counter, an older African lady, asking for a ticket to the Lego movie for her son. Not a problem. 6:30 or 8:45? She wants the 6:30 one. Sure. Done. Now she wants to see 12 Years, a movie that only starts at 8:15. I don’t ask too many questions. Maybe someone is going to pick the kid up when he’s done.

After all, he’s not going to see 12 Years after he’s done with the Lego movie. And on top of that he’s 10. It’s too late to see a movie anyway. I make sure that she understands that his movie will end way before hers does. She nods (I don’t think she understood English very well or she just didn’t CARE). The kid seemed a little on edge.  They leave.

2 hours later I see the very same kid wandering the lobby. Of course I didn’t make the connection until someone asked me if I had sold a ticket to the kid’s MOTHER. I knew it. She hadn’t made provisions for him at all. Worse, his mother had just told him to hang in the lobby until her movie was done.

We kick out kids who loiter. But if you’re 10, we actually have to take CARE of you which ISN’T OUR F*ING JOB. The guards and my managers all took great care of him even so much as to pull the woman from her movie.

Greatest part of my night? Not only did she not understand what was wrong with her decision but she actually got mad at her kid. It wasn’t his fault that he was too young to stay alone. It also wasn’t his fault that you made a bad decision like that. You should have just sent him to the 8:45 Lego…

We didn’t even give her passes. I don’t think that kid is going to the movies any time soon…

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