Food Choices

Ok. Let me just say that there are a few eateries outside of the theater that are much, much cheaper. It’s a waste of money to come buy popcorn/hotdogs/nachos when there’s something equivalent to a CVS down the street. Sure, you’re in the mood for popcorn. Go to Walmart and buy a box for like 3 dollars and you can pop all you want in the comfort of your own home. But whatever, I don’t really mind.

Just don’t get mad at me when I try to start selling you merchandise. It’s part of my job. It comes with the territory, so to speak. Nicely decline the offer and take your food. If anything, we should be more annoyed that we have to keep repeating it in new and creative ways in order to entice more people into a PROGRAM that will definitely benefit them.

Basically – go eat somewhere else. It’s cheaper, healthier, and we don’t have to hear you b*tching about the prices. I know they’re high but I didn’t set them. Don’t put your anger out on me.

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