Concession Madness

Concessions has always been a busy place to work, except for the upstairs one. Unless its opening weekend, it tends to be SLOW. Which means… everyone wants to be stationed upstairs so they can get paid for standing. But that happens less often than we’d like. This night was no different. Michael B. Jordan had his own share of customers – a family of 5 up next. These families are take and go. Either they’re easy to deal with or they make you want to quit (until you remember that you get free movies and stick with it). Michael wasn’t taking any crap. “This family needs to know what the f**k they want so I can get my line moving.” He said to himself. The father of the family (we’ll call him Bob) stepped up to order. MBJ asks the practiced question, “How’s it going? What can I assist you with today?”

Bob stood there for a moment, “Uh…” He looked over at his wife. “I know that we want popcorn, what size?” First indication that this was going to be a troubling family to work with. MBJ stayed quiet, watching. The wife (Barbara – I hate that name so I think it suits her), “I don’t know… Who else is eating popcorn. I really don’t want any and a large is too big!”

First of all, let me say this (MBJ I know this is your story but I’m adding stuff :)), I really dislike when people come up to the counter not knowing what they want. If you don’t know, let me know that you don’t know. That way I’m not waiting for you to pick something. When you’re ready, just tell me. But this, ‘let me hold up the line and now figure out what I want’ is f**cking retarded. Decide what you want before you get in line or while in line or don’t get in line at all. Back to the story!!

Bob, “Okay we want a medium popcorn!” The children haven’t piped in yet so I bet MBJ was a little worried. MBJ, “Alright, so a medium popcorn. Your total will be 7 dollars.” (Yeah I know its expensive but that’s how theaters make their money.) Bob shot MBJ an evil stare with a hint of smile, because wait! There’s more.

Bob, “Oh no, we’re getting more than that! Where’s Jeff (guessing that’s his son). I know he wants something but I don’t want to order something that he won’t eat. (Points to his wife). Go get Jeff please.” Bob turned back towards the counter, “I know that I want some nachos and a large coke.”

MBJ was probably pulling out his hair by now. Glad I wasn’t working that day. MBJ grabbed the nachos and coke as fast as he could, hoping that he could push the family away sooner than later. Fat chance. Bob yelled to Jeff, “Hurry up and tell the man what you want!” If you’re going to be ordering something and everyone needs to decide, than you need to keep them with you. Don’t waste my (or anyone else’s time with your sh*t).

MBJ’s smile was gone. He was now glaring at the family. Hopefully they wouldn’t notice because right now, he was fed up with this. If they didn’t figure their-

Jeff, “I want a medium Dr. Pepper.” MBJ cuts him off, “We have coke…” MBJ listed off the different types. Unlike some theaters, we serve limited coke products and fruit punch.

Jeff seemed disappointed. “Sh*t. No Dr. Pepper.” As his parents, I would have slapped him for using such language but apparently this kid got away with it. “Hey, can I get a Sprite with fruit punch, pretzel bites, and (looks at Bob) are you eating popcorn because every time I get some you ALWAYS much on it.” Jeff looked back at MBJ, “He always does that!” Get your f**cking sh*t together before I- wait no, I can’t really do anything. MBJ just stood there.

Bob intervened, “No, I have my nachos.” Jeff, “Cool. Let me get a medium popcorn with all of that and some twizzlers!” (And this is why we have obesity today…) MBJ rang up the family, annoyed with the amount of time it took them to decide. I’m mad because the mother and father let their kid order so much food. This goes back to the fact that they’ll order it and then Jeff won’t eat it and he’ll be stupid enough to leave it in the theater for us to clean. F**k people like that.

MBJ shot them a fake smile as they walked away with their food. Its hard to enjoy your shift when people like that show up. It’s even harder when there are multiple groups of people like that (It’s worse when it’s all teenage girls). Why? Because they come up and start giggling for no apparent reason and you have to decipher what they’re saying between the laughter and gossip.

Basically, if you want some food, come and get it but don’t make me wait for you and don’t make my job harder than it is. I (we) don’t get paid that much to start with and you being a f**cking a**hat is not going to help the matter.

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