Asking For Lady Items

The entire title reads “Asking for Lady Items Over the Radio”

It’s bad enough to ask for tampons. It gets worse when you have to make the radio call. Ellen Page had one such incident. A customer asked for a tampon. Fair enough. Apparently our dispensers weren’t working. We should definitely get on that. Ellen radioed in that she needed a manager to the upstairs bathroom.

The customer wasn’t having it. She responded with something like, “No, ask them to bring me a tampon.” Ellen wasn’t sure how to radio that in. She took a moment but there was no way to sugar coat the call. She managed to spit it out. There was the routine “copy” and then silence. There might have been laughter but Ellen wasn’t part of that conversation.

The customer then turned to Ellen, after already assuming that the manager would pay for the tampon as well, and stated that she wanted to be reimbursed for the money lost in the tampon dispenser. Again, fair enough.

Ellen obliged the request by asking how much was lost. The customer replied, “$5.50″

Calculated by Ellen, that’s 22 tries at the machine. What the hell was she doing?  I know you really needed a tampon but when do you realize that enough is enough? When do you realize that maybe you should call for some help. After all, the manager has the keys…

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