Purge 2

Aggh!!! I’ve been away forever! I’ve gotten lazy with what I’ve accomplished here (my very first, constant blog) :). Anyways…

Purge 2 was definitely better than the first one but still nothing spectacular. The moments where you were supposed to gasp or cry, you probably burst out laughing (if you’re anything like a movie junkie). Your friend probably hit you in surprise, wondering why you’d laugh. (Maybe you’re sadistic, jk). Overall, I like the idea but this current generation (which I’m part of and which is going to produce the new generation president) is too impressionable. With ideas like these, I can only imagine what America‘s future is going to be. But maybe that’s just me, being a mom-like figure, calling these movies gateways to something darker…

I wanted to punch the daughter after about five minutes into the movie. And I’m pretty sure some sappy romance will show up in the 3rd one. Did I just say that? Only 364 more days…

Just think of all the good the Purge does…


  1. Hey, thank you for linking in my post! Not seen the purge yet, but to be honest I expect it to be like most sci-fi, have a fab premise but the ending always kinda flops! Would be great to one day have a zombie film for example that ends well, shaun of the dead doesn’t count! 🙂

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