Up and coming!!

Alright so here’s the list… BTW the up and coming movies are usually only consisting of things playing at the theater that I frequent. Nothing else. Sorry!!

Purge 2 (I know why they decided on a second one but really? Why? In a day and age where kids take movies and bank ideas off of….)

Sex Tape – Another one of those ‘middle age crisis for women’ movies. Not seeing this one. The tagline should be: A movie about a movie they don’t want you to see that I don’t want to see either.

Planes – I didn’t even see the first one. I’m not seeing this one.

Next Week

Hercules – He’s never looked like that. I kinda like the Rock but he doesn’t fit the persona of Hercules. Not to mention we had one in, what?, January? (This one follows a different strain of Hercules, I got it. I still don’t like it.)

Lucy – Everyone wants to see it because of Scarlet Johansson. I still think it’s gonna suck

Week After

Guardians of the Galaxy – Looks fun.

Get on Up – It’s about time they made a James Brown movie. I doubt they’ll do him justice if its anything like the Jersey Boys

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