Begin Again

No. No. No.  I don’t really like the idea of having actors sing and singers act. In any other culture, the fine lines of industries are blurred, sometimes even smeared. It’s normal for actors to also sing, dance, model, and speak a hundred different languages. In America? Not so much. I’ve never really seen Adam Levine up close but that beard has go to go and never come back. The mustache kind of made him look like a pedo… And sweet, sweet Elizabeth Swan (I mean Kiera Knightly), don’t sing. It’s killing my ears. Mark Ruffalo, I never really liked your acting. I don’t know what it is and what I movie I’ve watched with you in it that I decided that but…

Overall, the movie played out like a sappy love story. In the end, things worked out fine but it’s a waste of 2 hours. Just buy Adam Levine’s music and you’ll feel better than watching the movie. Not to mention that there was a whole lot of unnecessary cursing (reason its Rated R). It was like the producer/screen writer told the actors to use the F word as many times as possible but to make it seem natural. Well, I think they accomplished that.

I think the only refreshing part of Begin Again was Kiera’s friend (can’t remember his name). He was a big supporter with a big smile and a huge heart. Exactly what this dying movie needed.

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