Dear Theater Goers

I am Done Taking Your Sh*t. 

Look here, PEOPLE, stop complaining. The moment you come in the door, you complain about the tickets, the food, theaters, the heat, the prices, and even the people who work there. We aren’t only here to serve you. We’re also here to MAKE MONEY to pay our own expenses (school, bills, hopes and dreams – yeah we have those too).

While you’re here throwing out large amounts of money for a motion picture, we have to deal with your whining (and those annoying children of yours). My suggestion? Reel it in. Remind yourselves that you’re coming to a place not operated by robots. This theater is full of HUMAN beings with emotions, problems, and most of all a way to communicate back.

If the threat of being fired wasn’t lingering over our heads, I might have a thing or two to say right back at you.


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