Earth to Echo

Oh why? Oh why? Oh WHY?!!! They said it was going to be a mixture of ET and Wall-E (two of my favorite out-of-this-world kid movies btw). But was it? Not a chance. What’s with this filming thing? Do people actually like that? I find it in a lot of horror movies as well. Honestly? It’s annoying.

In the beginning, Earth to Echo seemed like it was going to be a very cute movie, one for the newer generation to grab a hold of. It was. For one thing, it wasn’t ET. Or Wall-E. I couldn’t see past that shaky camera and the play-acting that seemed more like you know you were getting filmed. Sure, it probably turned out to be a great movie but I didn’t stay long.

If you’re a fan of either ET and Wall-E you might find yourself rather disappointed. But who knows, you might actually enjoy it? These new kids movies just can’t top the originals.

I’m sorry. But try again. (Or maybe don’t?…)

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