22 Jump Street

Before you go all ape crazy on me, read through the entire thing. Understand where I’m coming from. Only then can you judge me. Here it goes.

I didn’t like it. Sure, I laughed at the puntastic, crazy, crude humor packed into the entire movie. There might even be a few lines that I take away from that movie and insert into my daily conversation to exact a few laughs from everyone else. But it’s not a movie I recommend to other people (no matter how good people say it was). As far as sequels go, it sucked. I mean really sucked. There are no original ideas these days and people are taking whatever they can and trying to make money from it. Problem is, people are actually buying.

Overall, it was kind of funny but it seemed like they were trying way to hard to produce something of demand. Not to mention that almost no one (people under 20) knew what I was talking about when I said that Johnny Depp had his own show in the 80’s/90’s. People need to understand that there are no really new ideas these days… Channing Tatum needs to go back to his action/romance movies and Jonah Hill… well, I don’t even know what he was doing but he should go back to that.

No more Jump Street movies and if for some odd reason someone thinks its a good idea to make a spoof, it’s not. Please don’t. I beg you. That said, if you’re looking for a little fun filled comedy with no strings attached, 22 Jump Street is the movie for you. Enjoy.

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