Been gone a while, I know. And I’m sorry. (Not that anyone really misses these reviews). Overall, the presentation was fantastic. Whoever did Angelina’s makeup should be given an award. As far as Sleeping Beauty themed movies go, this did pretty well. A twisted version with explanations as to why and a surprise ending all stuffed into a 2 hour presentation. Wonderful.

But (and yes, there’s a but) it didn’t really pack a punch. Honestly, it kind of gave off the same vibe that Frozen did. I know that Disney said they’re not making anymore princess movies but this new theme they seem to be on… I don’t know. I rather the princess movies. (And where the songs??!!!) Sure, great kids movie. Some funny moments. Ok acting. Everyone can go to this one but while it seems exciting and different, people who grew up with all of the original sing along Disney movies will feel like they’re missing something.

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