Edge of Tomorrow

Didn’t even finish this one. First of all, I’m not a Tom Cruise fan. At all. My mom is. But I’ve never been a big fan of him. He’s too close to Christian Bale but he isn’t. That said and done, I’ve only ever really liked his movies from before 2003. The newer stuff seems to be… it doesn’t matter. My mom said that he’s getting old. I agree. There’s just certain movies you shouldn’t do anymore after you become a certain age. It doesn’t look right. But then again, if it makes money, no one really cares. Which is why Purge 2 was produced. (Although Purge 1 was a horrible tragedy and disgrace to horror movies, it made 3-4 times as much as it cost to produce. So they made a 2nd one. Grand idea! Now we can all suffer through another one.)

This movie was an interesting take on “groundhog day”. I am kind of curious to see the end but not enough to sit through the whole movie. I’ll probably just get a ticket and pop in for the last 10 minutes. With all the machines and weird creatures, it was a mix of Pacific Rim and every other movie that dealt with going back in time to save the future (X-Men anyone?). It was drawn out, lame, and repetitive. Sure, I know he’s supposed to be repeating the same day but come on! Anyways, as you can see, I didn’t much like it.

But it’s your choice. Don’t spend the extra to see it in IMAX.

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  1. Thank you for sharing my poem. I saw this movie over the weekend and overall thought it was good, maybe a 5 out of 10 stars. Definitely a mishmash of many movies. I’ve been on an alien invading and occupying the earth kick lately and have become addicted to Falling Skies. Back to this one, I think the aliens kind of killed the movie. Not really physical, more metaphysical, but all destruction. Although I could get behind them being on the edge of the universe, between dimension, their presentation came across as amateurish. The ending was almost a let down.

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