And the review I might get shot for!!! (Stay till the end of the movie. Yes past the credits. Even if the lights come on.)

Before you all grab you shot guns and pistols, let me explain. Overall, this movie was well done, well thought out, and of course (it’s Marvel) set up for another part in the series. But I didn’t love it. Sure, it was stimulating and suspenseful, right down to the end where you wonder how certain things are possible. I still didn’t love it. It took too long to do the inevitable. There was no real character development and maybe I missed a movie or something but this one seemed to start in the middle of nowhere. Maybe it was implied from the comics or something… Either way. Over all, if you don’t think too much, then you will love it. It was pretty cool. If you want to know my real opinion then check out the next post.

Spoiler: X-Men and Spiderman

Password: cheeseburger

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