They could have done better (probably shouldn’t start with the bashing though right? Fine…). Overall, it was a pretty cute, fun-oriented, family movie aside from the crude comments (its an Adam Sandler movie, guys!!)). But if you really delve into the movie, there wasn’t much to watch. In fact, it was kind of lame and time consuming. One of the few movies that I actually feel like I wasted time on. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have pulled off a movie before (50 First Dates, or so I’m told) but Blended didn’t make the cut for me. Although cute to see older, single parents finally meet someone they love and cherish, the movie wasn’t really enough. I didn’t really care about the couple, or the kids, although there were some parts that you laughed and wondered what you would do in the same situation. It dealt lightly with kids accepting divorce and new step parents (but not to the extent of actually setting an example/teaching a lesson). And after all that, it was a little offensive. Watch the trailer. I’m sure that you can find the guy I’m talking about. Really offensive…

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