I should have known, what with Seth Rogen and a rating of rated R. Too much ___________ going on (you fill in the blank). It’s not really a movie to see with anyone, although it was funny at parts. In general though, it was overdone. And Zac Efron is giving off a completely different persona (Awkward Moment gave off some of the same vibes). I don’t know if that’s the road he’s trying to take, but he did. I’m not giving details but overall it wasn’t worth it. Neighbors details the happenings of a frat house that moves next door to a new couple and the hilarity/chaos that ensues. But its dirty, dick-filled (had to say it), overdone frat-boy humor. It’s too much to make it enjoyable.

But hey, it did sell out a bunch of times and a lot of people said that it was hilarious, so why take my opinion for it?


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