Million Dollar Arm

Cute movie based on a true story. That being said, a lot more could have been done with it. (Just like From the Rough.) It seems Disney movies are all about the heartwarming effect and not really the trials that these people went through to get to where they were. As a young kid, that was great. But as an adult, I want just a little more truth/education in the movie. I’m not saying the rating has to change but I want to walk away from these kinds of movies, really knowing how hard these kids had to work, or how many times someone fails before they succeed. It makes success that much sweeter. Overall, it was well done (some of the acting could have been fleshed out more and some things did seem a bit rushed). It was sweet, heartwarming, and an awesome tale. Two boys who had never picked up a baseball were trained and taught to the point that 10 months later, they made a pro team. That’s amazing.

If you have time, go see this one. Family movie!!!

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