I’m not really sure what to say that won’t get me shot down so I’ll just say it and hope that people fight amongst themselves and not me.

It was EPIC (more so than Spiderman). Do you know how many people I asked about Godzilla? No one seemed to know who/what he was and what his purpose was. Everyone knew about Spiderman all the way to the origin of the comics. But Godzilla? He’s just one of those creatures that showed up again. If you don’t already know, Godzilla was usually depicted as the lesser of two evils, a misunderstood monster, that continually saved Japan from disaster. BTW the trailer doesn’t do justice to the movie… at all. I mean like – the trailer makes this movie look like a flop. And it isn’t.

Of course in this day and age, Godzilla will save America because that indeed is the entire world (right?) Anyways, this movie starts out really, really slow. Almost to the point that you might want to right the movie off. But then the action starts. And this is where the use of IMAX 3D comes in. You NEED the sound and I do mean need (if I didn’t work at the movie theater, I’d still pay the outrageous price, just once). Every time these monsters open their mouth, the ferociousness resonates through your entire body. Sure, it might not compare to the original stories. Sure it not be as good as some people were thinking but as a “this day and age” movie, the producers/actors/scriptwriters did pretty well.

Not a lot of noticeable CGI (except for the monsters). It didn’t look like a video game at all. And by the end, you began to feel for these monsters. You’ll be on the edge of your seat (unless you know the ending or someone spoiled it for you – won’t be me!) Enjoy this one. If you have the extra money, see it in IMAX. It’s worth every penny.

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