Brick Mansions

It finally came out and it was a little disappointing. But what were we expecting? I mean really? The man seemed to rush a few projects towards his unsuspected end. This was one of those movies that seemed like a few people got together and pulled a few actors knowing that they were good in their own movies. Someone slapped them with a plot and yet someone else gave them a script. Overall, great action. But that’s about all I can say about this movie. The acting was sub par and although the plot was a great idea, it wasn’t fleshed out in the hour and a half that I’ll never get back. I’ve seen the two main actors act before and I know what they’re capable of. This movie, Brick Mansionswasn’t it. At the end, of course they honor Paul Walker but everything seems rushed and robotic rather than heartfelt. I’d wait till it came out on DVD just to save yourself some time. Skip to the good parts.

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